Welcome to the website of Stephen Webster

Visionary painter of abstract art in acrylic paint on canvas, living and working in Bath, Southwest England.

Sudden Join 2009 20" x 16"

Apart from some that are in collections, all the paintings on this site are for sale at between £400 and £1,200. All the paintings are also available as high-quality giclée prints on high quality paper from £70 upwards.


I am giving away a digital copy of Sudden Join as a download so you can enjoy a piece of my art for nothing. Painted in 2009, the original is 16" x 20", acrylic paint on canvas. The download file is a little large (1.2 Mb) but will enable you to make a high quality inkjet or laser print onto A4 paper. I am making this image available for private, non-commercial use only. If you wish to use it for any other reason please ask my permission first.

Download “Sudden Join”

If you want to buy a painting or discuss a commission or exhibition, please get in touch, by email; stravinsky@onetel.com or phone; +44 (0)1225 852737.

I have known Stephen Webster's paintings for over 30 years. He has always gone his own way, in recent years re- exploring elements of modernism. Colour has always been an essential factor in his painting, and music an inspiration. The analogy between music and painting is an old one, but at their best his paintings do achieve a visual harmony. His influences are many, yet the work is very much his own.”
Richard Riley, Senior Curator, Visual Arts Department, The British Council.