On Music

Music unfolds in time; painting takes time to do, and time to take in - if it's good. Both have a meaning within time - the power to take in, assimilate, re-organise and transform our experience. Unlike photography which can "capture" a moment, but not relate it to others.

Music has meant a lot to me since the age of fourteen when i felt the power of its other reality. Images, symbols, rthyms, melody, harmony - transcendence of the every day. So with " modern painting" - the exaltations of Klee, Mondrian, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, which I saw in the Tate at the same time as music took hold. I was drawn in - the spell took hold, of images and music with their own reality. Inspite of all that seeks to explain and trivialize in our culture, their power lies outside the realm of words.